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Italian style bikepacking. The adventure, the travel: do it, but with more style! Stand out from the crowd.

Artisanal purely handmade frame, every single detail is looked after by us personally.

Sophisticated details like the lugs which are modified by hand one by one to reach the correct angles and chromed, the rear sliding dropouts deisnged by us (more details here) to modify the riding setup, the Mendoza bikepacking purpose fork, with its customizable bar also working as a structural reinforcement.

Deda Italian cycling top quality triple butted tubes (serie zero/zerouno): Dimöndi is the only lugged bicycle on the market with bikepacking and adventure geometry, as it requires artisanal almost artistic handwork to modify the lugs. sliding dropouts.

DIMONDI RETRO VERSION (thin tubes / 1″ threaded headset):

DIMONDI MODERN VERSION (oversized tubes / 1-1/8″ aheadset):

Dimondi in Modena’s dialect means “a lot, very much”, and is the classic retro version of her sister, the Mondo.

…go Dimöndi far.