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Bike is freedom, freedom to see the world. You’re free, go and explore. On any terrain and condition. Mondo will take you on top of the world, if you want.
Travel in bikepacking mode with a short variable chainstay setup in order to be more agile off-road, or go for a longer chainstay lenght to be more stable on long paved or unpaved roads, leading you towards the unknown. Pedal on gravel roads on curvy hills, sandy beaches or snowy fields.
Mondo will take you wherever your spirit wants to arrive.


Tubes Dedacciai triple butted serie zero / zerouno. Lugged Fork with Reynolds tubes. Headset full spead ahead fsa custom. Wheel space up to 2.5 inches. sliding dropouts . Available in 3 sizes, M L LX. Mounts available 1×11 with Joes H-Bar and Sram Gx shifter/derailleur or 2×10 with Salsa Woodchipper bar, Sram Apex levers, Sram X7 drailleurs. Colours on request.

Available on request with a special offer bikepacking bags set tendril/internode/cluster by miss grape (contact for info/prices)