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Erman sliding dropouts

When we design a bike, we always strive to make it unique and different. If something does not exist, we create it. If something already exists, we improve it.

Being able to adjust and modify the chainstay lenght, allows an expert rider to be able to shift his bike’s riding characteristics.
The sliding dropout allows to:
– having a reactive and agile bike for an off-road use, having a shorter chainstay lenght and so helping the ability to turn in small spaces and harder conditions;
– having a stable and predictable bike during long travels on the road or on gravel, or for the uphills, where this characteristic in very important, especially when the bike is loaded;
– having a mix of the two, setting the dropout in the middle position along the slide;
– pulling the chain, especially useful when the bike is set up in single speed;
– dropout has the longest lenght ever seen, allowing a 55mm sliding to the chainstay lenght.



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