Ermanno Righi

As surely as the passions do not wear out with age! Rather! Passions increase with age! At only 61 years to satisfy my primary passion I am still here to design and build bikes. My primary passion is to design mechanical and related. I have always done this. I can do just that.
I also cook .. But this is a different story.
Bicycles are one of the other great passions that have influenced my life, fortunately I have to say. The passion for the design is a dangerous disease, attention! is very, very contagious, there is no cure once infected you lose track of time in front of each; They will make travel between fantasy and knowledge in search of mechanical solutions; creating solutions and things that do not exist, is patented! and I guarantee you that after more than 20 patents you find yourself seeing patentable ideas almost every day. Resist the urge to get to CAD drawing is extremely difficult and often futile. After the design continues with prototyping and development and see the birth of what has been designed it is wonderful. Celestial if it works! For decades to design, create and realize what I drew. For cycling, this is the second time! Already in 2005 I drew and I built bicycles at Maranello with the PRO3 brand. Then I devoted myself to the other.
The design is not complementary in my vision of the mechanics and the whole world objects. Diversity, originality live together with functionality and performance. In our creations we tried to carry mechanical and design balance. As a designer I limit myself to a few, meaningful experiences for luck.
Party by the developer of the projects technique for Ron Arad (90) for Driade, Cassina and many other designers and companies have become designers signing for Agape Bucatini, signaling to the golden compass to Gerba, many other projects all signed all together ‘ friend Fabio Bortolani.
In 2008, in addition to doing mechanical projects, making racing bikes with PRO3 in Maranello, I invented a bicycle design, very original that came from my pencils and Fabio has become a characteristic feature of Italian design so as to be inserted into the permanent a year at the Milan Triennale and as retrospective design since the war to date began with a twenty years wooden bike and ended with the PLUS bIKE 2008.
The PLUS BIKE value was confirmed dall’omaggio other (or) producers who have entered the stylistic feature of Tubone in their products.
Today we return to the bicycle with new bicycles
I infected Luca with my ideas >>> I want to infect you.
Bio provisional> like everything moreover.