Luca Stancari

Luca Stancari is born in Modena and starts (not) to pedal since he was a kid: his father pull him uphill with a rope. However, everything changed during the university studies. Luca is curious about discovering the world. After travelling with every possible mean of transport, starts with a short bike trip the story which brought him where he is now. He discovers cycle travelling is what he loves cause it makes him free. He is so able to combine his curiosity for exploration and adventure with the complete experience of getting in touch with the place and the people while travelling. Luca starts to pedal, a lot. During his architecture degree decides to build himself a travel bicycle. He decides repetitive and boring pc jobs are not for him and that he wants to become an artisan, work more with his hands. He casually gets in touch with Ermanno Righi, who teaches him a lot about design and prototyping: a relationship of trust and partnership begins.
Now, Luca and Erman are ERMAN.BIKE, and they design/prototype/build artisanal frames and components at their lab based in Modena, Italy.