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Mountain Biking around Zocca

Yesterday me and Gianguido a good friend of mine had the opportunity to escape the flatland summer heat, which was killing us down in Modena. STRAVA LINK

zocca_mtb_ride_appennino_modenese_erman_bike_dimondi-4 zocca_mtb_ride_appennino_modenese_erman_bike_dimondi-1 zocca_mtb_ride_appennino_modenese_erman_bike_dimondi-2

We drove up to the mountains of Zocca, to ride one of the most beautiful trails in the whole Modena province. Starting from Monte San Giacomo, we went around a ring connecting the little mountain villages in the surroundings, as well as going through beautiful chestnut forest trails > check it out!

zocca_mtb_ride_appennino_modenese_erman_bike_dimondi-3 zocca_mtb_ride_appennino_modenese_erman_bike_dimondi-10 zocca_mtb_ride_appennino_modenese_erman_bike_dimondi-11

The Dimondi was my ride and it was perfect on technical segments even with the gravel bar, surprising me with its stability especially at medium-high pace downhill!


zocca_mtb_ride_appennino_modenese_erman_bike_dimondi-7 zocca_mtb_ride_appennino_modenese_erman_bike_dimondi-8 zocca_mtb_ride_appennino_modenese_erman_bike_dimondi-9

Also, we were lucky enough to end our journey at a local food museum to enjoy some “ciaci”, typical mountain food and a freshhh breer.

YEAH we need to explore our mountains MORE!zocca_mtb_ride_appennino_modenese_erman_bike_dimondi-12 zocca_mtb_ride_appennino_modenese_erman_bike_dimondi-13



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