Walking with Loretta on to Isarco river, with a glass of white wine. In Novacella (Neustift) as well as being a beautiful Tirol village is a place where you drink one of best wines in the world. Here, and only here! After a few drinks they come to mind… bicycles and beyond. Here, with my superlative Loretta, in 2015 between a conversation and a glass of white Neustift bike was born.
What is Neustift (bike)? It is the evolution of Plusbike, contaminated by the passion of Luca for the gravel and my passion for sport bikes, low, long (but not too), will project forward and especially BAD. Neustift is bad! Aggressive like a crono bike for dirt, dirty since new with its rust-colored (it’s rust).
Dedicated to Loretta this is Neustift !