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Erman Frame Jig

Every artisanal framebuilder should have his own frame jig. Our history started with the design and realization of our own bicycle frame jig, shaped to our demands and requirements. IT HAD TO BE PRECISE. Robust yet accurate, in order not to bend and change position of the frame geometry right after the welding, when the steel “pulls” very hard in the cooling phase. THE GATE. This shape has the purpose of being able to weld frames directly when stil on the jig: you’re able to move around and make every necessary operation. UNIVERSAL. The jig had to be versatile and able to be used for every possible frame we intended to create. Except of course special bikes like cargo bikes.

Our frame jig is a symbol of how we work and who we are.

We like to build well, in a correct way and at the same time stand out and always try to make new and different bicycles and components.
The best is yet to come, stay tuned.


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