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Tigellata Night Ride Valle

We repeated the usual sunset ride, just one hour later and with a long stop at the restaurant.

The fresh breeze in the evening hours, sun is slowly fading and we’re the only people on the road. Just when it gets dark, we arrive at the designed restaurant, Osteria Valle. Tigellas here are incredible, fatter than normal ones, and good grasparossa lambrusco flows as usual. When we get out about one hour later, the way starts with a slight uphill, enough to let the tigellas close to our throats… but we resist and after 10 minutes we start feeling awesome, even turn of the flash lights to enjoy the silence and darkness of our hills. We watch the stars and the far away lights of the city, while the white stripes on the road borders are enough to show us the way. Downhill starts.  A long and mystical descent in the night, only the noise of our freewheel and nothing else. Magic.



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